Come join us for some very interesting and informative meetings. Learn from industry experts on topics such as understanding business taxes, how to strategically plan for your business, effective social media marketing, and many more. Network with business experts from your community. Plus, breakfast! It's a win-win!

Please look over the schedule below, and RSVP.

(all times and dates are tenative. We will let you know if anything changes)

February 3rd - Capital Formation

Banking / VC and other sources

Bankers familiar with Small Business Lending and Venture Capitalists chair the discussion.

March 2nd - Taxation

CPAs / Tax Professionals

Discussion regarding tax pitfalls that a lot of small companies fall into especially at the beginning of business. Chaired by CPAs that handle small business.

April 6th - Legal

Attorneys / Business Law

Discussion about what type of organization would be most advantageous for different types of startups.

May 4th - Payroll Pitfalls

Payroll Experts

Meet with Payroll experts to discuss pitfalls and requirements of different size businesses / ACA, etc..

June 1st - Web Design

Web Designers / Programmers

Demonstration of how participants can use free resources to develop their own website. Also, how best to hire a professional web design team.

July 6th - Social Media

Social Media Experts

A presentation by social medica experts to educate on the various social media platforms and how they can help market your business

August 3rd - Insurance

Insurance Experts

Informative discussion with small business insurance experts concerning the different types of insurance available for small businesses.

September 7th - Real Estate / Office Space

Commercial Real Estate Experts

Hear from Real Estate Experts and ask questions such as how to find the best space for their needs, pricing, etc.

October 5th - Strategy and Planning

Business Consultants

Meet with business consultants to discuss strategic business strategies and future planning.

November 2nd - Year End

CPAs / Payroll Experts / Tax Professionals

Meet with CPAs, Payroll Experts, etc. to help Entrepreneurs formulate game plan for year end. Reporting / Documents required. What to gather to do Tax Return, W2s, 1099s, etc.

December 7th - Christmas Party


A great opportunity to network with professionals and peers.