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Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste Disposal

According to EPA estimates the United States industrial sector generates more than 7.5 billion tons of industrial solid waste annually. While a small portion of this waste is classified under the category of “special waste”, the bulk of industrial solid waste is classified as non-hazardous industrial waste and consists of materials such as iron, steel, stone, pulp, and paper. In addition to being a byproduct of industrial manufacturing & mining, non-hazardous industrial waste can also generated from large scale construction and demolition projects.

In regions of the US where industrial manufacturing facilities are more common and also in areas experiencing rapid commercial and industrial growth, excess accumulation of non-hazardous industrial wastes can become a concern if there is not a waste management company or landfill facility that is capable of properly handling and disposing of non-hazardous industrial wastes. In the South Alabama area, EcoSouth Services with the Axis Landfill are the premier providers of commercial waste collection and non-hazardous industrial waste disposal.

At EcoSouth Services, our regular commercial and construction waste removal services can accommodate a wide range of projects from small clean-up jobs to large industrial construction sites. We offer front loading dumpster services with containers ranging from 2 yds. - 8 yds. and for larger jobs we feature roll off dumpsters that range in size from 10 yds. - 40 yds. Waste materials that are accepted in our regularly scheduled commercial and construction collection services include: wood, concrete, stone, metal, roofing, insulation, and sheetrock.

If a commercial dumpster from EcoSouth Services is not large enough or will not work for your project, non-hazardous industrial wastes can also be brought directly to the Axis Landfill for disposal. The EcoSouth Axis Landfill accepts household municipal waste, yard waste, demolition and construction debris, and a wide range of “special wastes” with preapproval including industrial processed wastes, asbestos, and contaminated soils.

EcoSouth Services works hard to ensure the safe and ethical disposal of waste that is collected. EcoSouth Services utilizes state of the art environmental monitoring systems, leachate management systems, and a storm water pollution prevention plan. EcoSouth Services also takes special care to ensure that all personnel are properly trained to identify and monitor what is considered acceptable waste to reduce the risk of hazardous waste or unacceptable material from entering the landfill.

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